The strength of the system and my experiences of it, was that in fact, oddly enough, it was actually a very collaborative enterprise already, 2006
Video: 35 mins

The video shows a group of performers in a studio and seminar situation. Individually addressing the camera they offer personal views and experiences of their own art production in relation to the institution, while reflecting on their role as teachers. The performance scripts originate from a series of interviews with a diverse group of artist teachers, who emphasise the collaborative, performative and subversive nature of teaching. These views may seems symptomatic for contemporary art practices, but are ultimately antagonistic to the ongoing commodification of the system of art education.

Based on interviews with 
Kaucyla Brooke, Brian Chatwin, Marcia Farquar, Michael Hauffen, Peter Suchin, Sari Tervaniemi.

Performed by: Suzanne Bon, Mansel David, Anna Rogalska Hedlund, Bo Nierhaus, Rosi Oelkers, Alison Sandford-Mackenzie, Sabine Roseburg

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