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SZUPER GALLERY is a co-operation between Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey. Our multi-media approach spans video, performance, installation, painting and drawing.

Selected Exhibitions

2022  Ukraine Relief Fundraiser, Voloshyn Gallery, Miami

2021   On waiting for words to leave our mouths, Strauhof, Zurich


2018   Permanent Revolution, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest

2018   Flashback, Media Art of the 90s, Art Arsenal, Kyiv

2017   Rehearsing SZG in Histories/History, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland
2017   Love Contemporary, Zenko Art Foundation (group exhibition), Kyiv

2016   Parcommune. Place. Community. Phenomenon, Pinchuk Art Center, Kyiv

2016   I will survive, Video Six Enemies of Greatness, Symposium: Curating in Feminist Thought, Migros Museum and ZHdK Zurich

2015   Bonobo, Szuper Gallery, GRAD, London

2015   Liquid Trust, Video Performance with Live Sound, Institute of Contemporary Art, London

2015   The Cave, in SZUPERNOVA, Vozodvishenka Arts House, Kyiv 

2014   Liquid Trust, Szuper Gallery, Western Front New Music, Vancouver

2014.  Unsettling the Setting, Museum Bärengasse, Zurich,

2013    Kunsthaus Bregenz / KUB Arena
: Cinema Oblique

2013    Rehearsing Szuper Gallery, in ‘Terrain Orientation’, National Art  Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv 

2013    Art Kyiv Contemporary, The 7th Contemporary Art Fair, Kiev (group exhibition)

2013    Souvenirs from Earth, TV Broadcast, TV Broadcast, Cable Tv, France, Germany, 

2013    Schools of Art - the Educational Turn, Academy of Fine Art Gallery, Leipzig, Germany, videoinstallation

2013    Club Attend, Tent, Rotterdam, video screening,

2013    Moves 10: Framing Motion, The Bluecoat, Liverpool, (video screening) (group)

2013    The Artists Studio, (with Shezad Dawood) Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich,

2012    Ballet- Granite, PERMM, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia

2012    Interact 1/Szuper Gallery, New Social Sculptures, Kunstmuseum Thun

2011     Étant Ballet – The Cave, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Canada

2011     Ballet – Granite, Performance Commission with Curtain Razors, MacKenzie Art Gallery

2009    Barefoot in the Head, Performa 09, New York, performance,

2009    Translations, Paradoxes and Misunderstandings - Part 3, Shedhalle Zurich, CH, videoinstallation

2009    Transfer Zone 4, Temporary Communities, White Space / Office for Curating / Art /Theory,Institute of Critical Theory Zurich, CH, 

2009   ArtCevia, Arcevia, Italy, 2 video installations,

2009   The Artist’s Studio, (with Shezad Dawood) Compton Verney, UK, 2 photographic works,

2008   The Extras Regina, Curtain Razors, Regina, Canada (solo performance, commission),

2008    Loving Revolution, KIASMA Museum, Helsinki, Group Screening (curation and exhibit)

2008    Scold Head Screenings, Scold Head, London, video screening, (group)

2008   Self Acquisition, Zeh Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine, video installation, (group)

2007    4’33’ , Magazin 4, Kunstverein Bregenz, live performance, new commission, (group)

2007    Bohemian Work Out, Laden/Lothringer 13, Städtische Kunsthalle Munich, video

2007     Work/Arbeit/Rabota, The Artists’ Studio, London, video installation commission and live performance

2007     Szuper Gallery, Les Complices, Zurich, video installation

2006    Szuper Gallery, Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland, videoinstallation

2006    Jump Into Cold Water, Shedhalle Zurich, videoinstallation, (group) CH

2006    Bad Drawing, University Galleries on Sycamore, Cincinnati, USA

2005    The Extras, Live Art Biennial, Vancouver, CA, live performance, commission

2005    Nightshifts, Szuper Gallery, Western Front, Vancouver

2005    Rehearsing the Extras, Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland, (performance)

2005    Xenopolis, Rathausgalerie, München, videoinstallation and photograohic works,

2005    Play without a Stage, Chapter II - Spectacle, pleasure principle or the carnivalesque?, Shedhalle Zurich,

2004   Homeland Security, Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong

2004    Work in Progress – What is to be done,? Liftarchiv, (installation) Munich

2004, Institute for Contemporary Arts, London and IBID Projects, London

2004   Big Tits Rule, 1 000 000 mph project space, London, video installation, (group) UK

2004   Trading Places, Pumphouse Gallery, London,
2002    gallery fiction, KünstlerHaus, Bremen, video installation, live performance commission

2002    QUIVID 1, Buildings Department, Munich, curation, exhibition design and video installation

2002    Electric Earth: Film and Video from Britain, British Council International Touring Exhibition, video 2002 Curating Degree Zero, Plugin Gallery, Basel, prints and

2002    Hair the Show, Tablet Gallery, video installation, London

2002    Homeland Security, Liftarchiv, installation, Munich,

2002    Another Swiss Version, AR/GE KUNST Museum, Bolzano, Italy, videoinstallation,

2002    The movement began with a scandal - hosted by, Lenbachhaus Museum Munich, D

2002   The Chalmers Bequest, (Clause 6), (event) Hackney Museum, London with Alun Rowlands

2001    LIFTARCHIVE, commission, KVR, Munich, D

2001    Tele(visions), Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria , videoinstallation

2001    Temporary Accommodation, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Londonel Art Gallery,

2001    What’s Wrong?, Trade Appartment, London, UK, video

2001    (un)cut special edition: artists as diplomats, Lux Gallery London

2001    The Daniela Johnson Company, Berlin Biennial

2001    Freepulse - 9th Biennial of Moving Images, Centre for Contemporary Images, Geneva,

2001    On The Margin, Plugin Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada  videoinstallation

2001    Mentalscape, Ausstellungsforum FOE, Munich,

2000   Circus artists under the big top: clueless - and other business strategies, (Performance) Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

2000   gallery fiction, Debütanten, Galerie der Künstler, Munich, D, 2 videoinstallations, drawings and prints

2000   Szuper Gallery, Künstlerhaus Bremen, D

2000   Venice, installation and performance, South London Gallery, London

2000    Version_2ooo, Centre d’image contemporain, Geneva, CH, videoscreening

2000    Without Day – Proposals for a new Scottish Parliament, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh,

2000    Working Title, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston upon Thames

2000    Russia is still dangerous, Kunstverein Munich

2000    Tom Chamberlain, Louise Clark, Susanne Clausen, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston/Thames

2000    On The Margin, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Canada 

2000    Belle Etage, Maximiliansforum, Munich

2000    Videoex 2000, Kaserne, Zurich, videoscreening, (group)

2000    The Last Alexander Henry Chalmers Commemoration Dinner, Hackney Council,
London (Performance/Event) with Elizabeth Price

1999     Daytrading is the New Rock ‘n’ Roll, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, live performance

1999     Creativity versus Commerce, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, (sound-performance)

1999     Crash!, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK 2 video installations, commission, live performance

1999     Dial M for…, Kunstverein Munich, 2 video installations

1999     Limit Less, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna

1999    First Toronto Video Biennal, Toronto, video screening, Canada

1999    Biennale for Media and Architecture, Graz, video screening

1998    8th Biennal of the Moving Image, Centre de I’image contemporain, Geneva   

1999    Programm Fernsehen, Shedhalle, Zurich

1999   Department Xmas, Kent Gallery, New York

1999    Medway, Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham

1998    Szuper Gallery, 30 Underwood Street Gallery, London 2 video installations, painting, photographic works, commission (exh. cat.)

1998    Galerie Brighi presente Szuper Gallery, Galerie Brighi, Paris, video installation

1998    Contemporary Art, Galerie Szuper,, Munich, video installation

1998    Cornelia Wittman, Takeshi Egi, Szuper Gallery, Kunstkreis, Landshut, D video installation and live performance

1998    A-clip, Screenings various Cinemas in Munich and Berlin, video screening

1997     Szuper, Guelman Gallery, Moscow

1997    Police, Galerie 03, Würzburg: Pudelclub, Hamburg: Shedhalle, Zurich, live performance,

1997    Something always follow something else, Kunstpark Forum, Munich, curation and exhibit

1997    Unique!, Kunstpark Forum, Munich, curation and exhibition

1997    Professionalität, Galerie der Künstler, Munich

1996    Clausen, Hilt, Kerestej zeigen Larry Clark, Galerie Szuper, Munich

1995    Sarah Staton Supastore, Boutique, Laure Genillard Gallery, London prints

1996    Gender, Orangerie, Munich, video installation

1995     Radikaler Chic, Galerie Szuper, Munich, installation

1995     Schwerelose Radikale, Galerie Szuper, Munich, installation

1990- 1994 

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