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Video, 13 mins

installation with moving curtains

︎Videoscript, The Extras 

Sandra Kulbach, Edina Cehajic, Christoph Clausen, Selma Danyluk, Claudia Jakobec, Monika Jäger, Pawlik Kerestey, Olenka Martchenko, Zorian Martchenko, Ollie Purcell, Bettina Spangler
Voice: Monika Jäger
Music and sound: Szuper Gallery
co-produced by Shedhalle Zurich, 2005

A series of performative situations and texts account for the experiences of extras at film shoots. The extras are trying to re-interprete and use the situations in which they find themselves for their own purposes. A voice over comments their a follows their impressions. Their paid work is put into question. In the The Practice of Everyday Life Michel de Certeau discusses the notion of La Perruque, an expression for a practice and behavior, something that probably takes place at every work place. “It is the worker’s own work disguised as work for the employer”. This does not mean that the worker is stealing or simply absent, but that he or she produces something during the work time. Usually this kind of activity is penalized or ignored. But the worker using La Perruque, steals time from the employer that is free, creative and not directed towards profit. It is a strategy whereby the general order is tricked. And this means that a different moment, or reality or narrative is being inserted into the institution that is supposed to be served.

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