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I will survive, 2007
Duration: 7: 56 mins

Camera: Stephen Connolly, Pavlo Kerestey
Voice: Susanne Clausen
Performed by: Susanne Clausen and Pawlo Kerestey
Monologue: adapted excerpts from Carl Hegemann "Kann Liebe gleichzeitig echt und bezahlbar sein?"

I will survive assembles elements of masquerade and theoretical text, in a performative collage, which is typical for Szuper Gallery. The integration of theory and performance practice becomes integral to the project. The staging of the theoretical text relates to the self-representation of the artist couple. For the video Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey commissioned a theatrical make up artist to change their faces in order to appear 20 years younger and then again to appear 20 years older. In this masquerade they promenade the casino lobby in the opera town Bregenz and dance to Diana Ross Disco Hit I will survive on the opera stage. This pleasurable ambiance of the music is interrupted by a whispered monologue, which reflects on the relationship between love and money. The spoken script explores the art and life debate. It is a collage of text excerpts, adapted from a text by Carl Hegemann. (Andrea Thal) 

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