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Contemporary Art, 1998
Video, 14 mins
with Christian Hilt and Ruth Mclennan

‘Szuper Gallery's Contemporary Art is subtle form of satire. A group of people, casually yet smartly dressed enters a semi deserted corporate environment, part of the job of the viewer is to work out exactly what type of business this is. Is it a TV studio with its constant blaring of TV news from every angle, or is it a financial institution. (In fact it's both. It's the home of Bloomberg, purveyors of global financial news via TV.) ... Initially appearing as unconfident guests in this environment they start to interact with the location sometimes relevantly: getting drinks from the canteen, sitting in studios and meeting rooms, and other times abstractly: lying on the floor, hanging from the ceiling, pinned to glass walls. The artists are acting out roles, but they are not really acting, they are themselves. They find out on behalf of all of us what it is to live and work in the hub of capitalism’. Emma Dexter

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