A-clip- Szuper Gallery 

Dur: 3 mins

︎A-Clip II - Berlin 1998 (Folge 4)

Synopsis: Berlin 1998 The world is hopelessly overpopulated and dirty. A few survivors of the human species sit in the abandoned social building on a pile of torn down wallpaper and search for food. They wear tank tops that are too tight and sweaters that are too big, along with Birkenstocks and Swatch wristwatches. What does possibility mean under capitalism? At right angles to the famous mass scenes from the dystopian horror movie "Soylent Green", the camera wanders through a sunlit park. Is the pensioner in the blue apron the dinner of tomorrow or are such questions no longer relevant?

STAFFEL II (1998) A-Clip produces and distributes political short films. Produced on video and copied to 35mm, they are primarily aimed at the cinema audience. Within the commercial block, individual A-Clips appear as short (40-120 sec) political statements on urban geography, power and consumption. A-Clip visits the capitalist city, which is in the process of modernising its inclusions and exclusions once again. The work on the imaginary of the city, on the conceivability of its use and on the images and attributions of its inhabitants becomes increasingly important. On the one hand, the construction sites are already being illuminated, large-scale consumer and service zones are being planned and laid out, developed for a specifically integrable public that is to experience the status of a protected urban citizen within it - an identity-creating hologram. On the other hand, the city is modernising its exclusion lines. It erects mobile borders in the streets, where "suspicion-independent" police checks and place references, as suspiciously conceived subjects, make visible and co-constitute - a constructive filter. In reversing this choice of objects of deviation, society builds itself the reassuring illusion of the German buying and working community. A-Clip wants to be part of a movement that crosses out, attracts, and differently propagates these and other ideological effects. The screw of identity images, life-style images, wish production and product placement, which is prescribed in the advertising sector, is the operation that needs to be dealt with on a design level. We, too, are among those who are sad when they are late for the cinema and have missed the commercials. This is why we chose this beloved semi-dark place where the goods speak and where capitalism can be observed, using constant image transfers to create the cement of buying and categorical happiness. A-Clip moves in a realm between artistic assertion, collective practice, subjective perspective and political editing.

images: screen shots