New Social Scultpures 1: Survivalist Fantasies
Kunstmuseum Thun, CH

Installation and Live Performance

The project in Thun includes an installation in the project space enter and a new live performance. Looking at the changing conditions and the surprising appearance of the normality of the crisis, Szuper Gallery presents a multi-layered project that understands the concept of performance as social practice.

The exhibition
What are the effects of the permanent state of crisis? What do mountain gorillas have to do with city dwellers of the 21st century? What do the statements of a heart attack patient have in common with a group of school children loitering in a gallery? Economic crisis, global warming, nuclear winter, we are constantly reminded that we are on the brink of disaster.

The performance was developed together with the performer Michele Sereda, brings together the concept of crisis, the form of social choreography and moments of the unexpected within the framework of the Kunstmuseum Thun. It is a performance of possibilities in which we explore how we understand being together. Children from two Thun primary schools are integrated have worked with us as performers.
Other actors: Szuper Gallery, Michele Sereda, Prof. Klaus Zuberbühler, Primatologist at the University of St. Andrews, Colonel i Gst Hans-Ulrich Haldimann, Commander of the Thun Military Base.

New Social Scultpures 1, was produced with and at the Kunstmuseum Thun.