Liquid Trust, 2014
Live at Western Front

Reflecting on accelerated states of labour, leisure, and social interaction Liquid Trust takes inspiration from the “trust molecule” or “love hormone” oxytocin, sometimes prescribed for anxiety and designed to increase an individual’s social integration and trust.  As part of SWARM festival, Western Front becomes a site for video installation and performance combining image, sound, music and spoken word.  Szuper Gallery (London, Munich) and Curtain Razors (Regina, SK) have been collaborating together since 2008 creating works in Canada and then touring internationally.

This is their third collaboration with video, sound, text, by the Szuper Gallery duo Susanne Clausen, and Pavlo Kerestey and spoken word created and performed by Michele Sereda of Curtain Razors, Regina, SK.  The performance also includes original composition by musician-in-residence Ben Brown performed with the China Cloud ensemble (Elisa Thorn, harp; Dominic Conway, saxophone; Colin Cowan, contrabass; Ben Brown, drums), and the Express Your Voice and VOICE OVER mind choirs.