Video Performance

Liquid Trust is a video and a performance with live sound and was created through a process of call and response to a poem by Michele Sereda. Performance images are woven into a series of video vignettes, which evolve over the course of different live presentations. Sound, music and spoken word were developed through series of live performances, and collaborations, involving the original text, music and choir singing.  

The starting point for the development of the project and its visual narrative is a reflection on accelerated states of labour, leisure, and social interaction. Liquid Trust takes inspiration from the “trust molecule” or “love hormone” oxytocin, sometimes prescribed for anxiety and designed to increase an individual’s social integration and trust. The video images makes reference to the social and architectural utopias imagined by Italian radical architectural collective Superstudio in the 1970s, who dreamt of a future of connection without buildings and ‘continuous monuments’, hyper connectivity and networked energy, but who never actually produced any physical buildings.

Liquid Trust  involves collaborations with musician Ben Brown and Jeff Morton,  with Vancouver based singer and conductor DB Boyko, as well as members of the University of Reading chamber choir.  The work was developed in several iterations and staged by different venues, each benefitting from new teams of collaborators and exhibition contexts. It was performed at Western Front Vancouver, ICA London, GRAD Gallery London and Zenko Foundatio in Lviv.


See Video: Liquid Trust on Vimeo, contact us for viewing.

︎Utopic moments by Michele Sereda

︎Liquid Trust, Western Front Vancouver, 2014

︎Liquid Trust, ICA London, 2015
︎Bonobo, GRAD, London, 2015