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Munich, 2011-2014
Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR)
Ruppertstr. 19, Foyer Lindwurmstraße, München

Glass elevator cabin 2,9 x 1,5 x 2,4 m
Elevator construction extendable to the height of 9 m, changing installations.

Publication, Liftarchive, Szuper Gallery, Revolver, 2014
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Paintings, Liftarchive

The Liftarchiv is a mobile, performative object made for the Munich district authority. Szuper Gallery has mounted a glass cube onto a lift in the foyer of the KVR, which functions as an archive for the project. A series of events accompanies this sculpture and the archive is continuously being added to. The Liftarchiv aims for a public dialogue. The cube catches the transparency of the glazed foyer and makes it possible for the archive to be seen not only from the foyer but also from the street. When the archive is raised the viewer is denied access. In its raised position the space can not be entered. It becomes the showcase for the archive but functions like a three-dimensional picture of a room. After the active project phase the Liftarchiv with its contents will remain. All materials that were produced over the project period and in relation to the Liftarchiv, including photographs, objects and documents are archived in a permanent installation.

The KVR is the city and district authority. It is responsible for security and order, for commerce, for citizenship matters (e.g., naturalization, citizenship, passports, residence permits, asylum issues), traffic matters (e.g., traffic surveillance, automobile registration) and fire and catastrophe safety.) The renovation of the 70s building, by the architects Grill + Köppel and R. Dörnfeld, responded to a general brief that aimed at making the institution more open and transparent.

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