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image credit: Igor Gusev, 2022

Artists for Ukraine
image: Igor Gusev, 2022


Dates: 1 October – 19 November
times: 10 am – 4pm
St. Andrew’s Parish Church
Upper Church Lane
Farnham Surrey GU6 7PW


Artists for Ukraine’s second public event is an art exhibition and art sale to take place at St. Andrew’s Church in Farnham from 1 - 31 October 2022. The exhibition features donations from over 100 Ukrainian and international artists. This includes work by Svitlana Biedarieva, Igor Gusev, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Alevtina Kakhidze, Lesja Khomenko, Pavlo Makov, Olha Pryymak, Marcel Onisko, Ukrainian artists who are displaced or currently sheltering from the war zone.

All funds raised from the art sale will go to support ‘Kuhknia’ (Kitchen) a private network of volunteers based in Lviv, who are cooking meals in makeshift kitchens, sourcing medicine and other vital supplies and arranging temporary accommodation in people’s homes or in empty buildings, and other groups in needs, such as seniors and those who have not been able to leave the country.

Thanks to donations, since February, Kukhnia have been able to serve more that 25,000 meals, care for 5 shelters and host more than 20 refugees together with 18 volunteers. Aid shipments have also been sent to Bucha, Blystavytsya, Borodyanka, Vorzel, Ivankiv, Kukhari, Kharkiv, Odesa and Uzhhorod.

However, we expect that with the winter approaching and with donations slowing down, it will get harder and harder to maintain this level of support for those most vulnerable. We desperately need your help so that Kukhnia can continue paying for essentials including rent and food and support others in need.

Co-organisers, Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey have teamed up with Caroline Ingram and Constance Uzwyshyn to raise funds to support the efforts in Ukraine.

In addition to the art sale, the opening event will include statements from those affected, and words of solidarity from community leaders.

With kind of support of St. Andrew’s Church, Making Matters and the Ukrainian Institute London.



Kukhnia is a self-organised initiative of artists and activities for humanitarian support of the displaced and other people in need.

Since 27 February we have been able to serve more than 25.000 meaks, care for 5 shelters. We cooked for 120 people daily since February 27th.Our food was delivered to four refugee shelters across Lviv.
Kukhnia’s kitchen was renovated to output delicious (mostly vegetarian) dishes 7 days a week.

Pidsoma Shelter hosts 10+ people in separate sleeping compartments.
The space was designed by an architect couple that evacuated from Kharkiv. It is a communal place t
hat offers a sense of privacy. Many refugees actively participated in the construction.Additionally, we rent apartments with basic furnishings for 3 refugee families and support them to integrate and find local jobs.

We are sending humanitarian aid to several crisis areas across Ukraine. These communities are cut from electricity/Gas and urgently need food, generators, power banks, construction materials and tools. Housing renovations will take a long time. Additionally, Kukhnia organises food transports to Roma communities in Uzhhorod.

We run a diverse programme if cultural and physical activities from local communities and refugees. This includes guided exercise, vocal classes and reading groups.
We believe to helpful in overcoming the apatheia associated and anxiety with war and displacement. All events are free to attend.

A group of cultural professionals, artists and activists who decided to adjust their activities during the wartime. Our facilities include @soma.majsternia dance floor, a communal kitchen and a refugee shelter. Kukhnia’s work has been documented in international media in Sweden and Canada.

Artists for Ukraine - Art Sale Continues
online and at 571 Oxford Road Gallery, Reading, UK.
All income from sales are given directly to groups on the humanitarian front line, to support refugees and artists at risk from war in Ukraine!

We publish regular updates on our website. Please keep reading and sharing. See website for all details. 

Original artworks available from
Alevtina Kakhidze - Alex Dewart- Alexander Milstein - Annabel Frearson- Carole Edwards - Carole Stephens - Caroline Streatfield - Chris Mercier - Cranbury Community College - Daniel James Homewood - Daniil Galkin - Elizabeth Ford - Emily Gillmour - Emma Dolphin - Emma Major - Fantich and Young - Geoff Sawers - Guler Ates - Gunja Bhatt - Heather McAteer - Helen Ridley - Igor Gusev - Jane Mechner - Jenna Fox - John Russell - Jonathan Crawford - Julia Hopkinson - Kate Allen - Kateryna Lysovenko - Kaye Donachie - Kent Lam - Ki Bliss - Kristin Rawcliffe - Ksenija Krotin - Lada Nakonechna - Laura Skelton - Linda Newcombe - Lisa Barnard - Lisa-Marie Gibbs - Lydia Freeman - Marcel Onisko - Maryna Skugareva - Mark Nader - Matt Hulse - Melanie Jackson - Meryl Donaghue - Molly Nolan - Natalia Lisova - Nigel Bridges - Nikita Kadan - Nikita Kravtsov - Oleg Tistol - Oleg Tistol and Mykola Matsenko - Oleh Derhachov - Oleksiy Sai - Olexa Mann - Olexandr Milstein - Olha Pryymak - Or Williams - Pavlo Kerestey - Pavlo Makov - Peter Driver - Peter Lang - Petre Nikoloski - Phillip Newcombe - point and place - Robert Fitzmaurice - Salla Kuoppamaa - Sam Stead - Seb Thomas - Sergei Svjatchenko - Sophia Butrus - Stanislav Turina - Kateryna Libkind and alteliernormalno - Sue Bridge - Susan Cunningham - Susanne Clausen - Szuper Gallery - Tina Jenkins - Tom McIntyre - Victor Sausset - Vlada Ralko - Wendy Mclean - Xiyu Zeng - Yana Bystrova - Yaroslav Futymskyi - Yuri Leiderman - Zhanna Kadyrova - Zhenlin Zhang


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