Video Performance

Reflecting on accelerated states of labour, leisure, and social interaction, Liquid Trust takes inspiration from the “trust molecule” or “love hormone” oxytocin, sometimes prescribed for anxiety and designed to increase an individual’s social integration and trust. The performance evolves as a site for video and performance combining image, sound, music and spoken word. Surreal cinematic images, a libretto comprised of singular and polyphonic layering performed by a choir are scored by a musician and pre-recorded sound that creates a visual and acoustic spectacle. 

Liquid Trust was premiered at the Western Front in Vancouver in September 2014 as a collaboration between Szuper Gallery (Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey) with Michele Sereda and Curtain Razors with music composed by Ben Brown. The work was then staged again at the ICA in London and included a collaboration with Vancouver based singer and experimental voice specialist DB Boyko, Ottawa based composer and musician and composer Jeff Morton, actors and singers Alissa Clarke and Blayne George, as well as members of the University of Reading chamber choir.

See Video: Liquid Trust on Vimeo

︎Liquid Trust, Western Front Vancouver, 2014

︎Liquid Trust, ICA London, 2015

︎Bonobo, GRAD, London, 2015